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Brec Noland - Cam Failure #529

New 4/26/05

Brec Noland
Minneapolis, MN
125k+ 4/15/05

I was able to get 2 new transmissions under warranty, and I thought I had dodged this.

I was going 30mph in downtown and the engine just stops and won't start. all compression lost. It ran a little rough at low idle for 2 or 3 days. I thought I needed to check the air filter....

I had it towed to a local shop. I was quoted $3800 to fix or $4200 for a rebuilt engine. Looks my favorite, and last, FORD is going away.

If there is a better option that can be offered by the SHO community, please let me know.

Thanks for what you do. Even though I'm not on the mailing list, V8sho.com is my first and only stop when I have questions about my car.


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