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Brad Kirspel -Cam Failure #582

New 7/29/05

I just finished talking to a Brad Kirspel in Shreveport, LA.. '98 white/tan with 160k mi. He would grade as immaculate except for worn steering wheel. Motor doesn't run and is still garaged. Been down almost a year. Tires have about 2k mi. Didn't know about cam failure problem. He marked the web site while we chatted. A local shop had pulled heads when running to fix a supposedly overheating problem and bad running. Didn't seem to help the running. Brad remembers the ticking sound before engine got really bad. had an IMRC code at that time. I told him to check out the eBay listings to put his $2500 asking into perspective. Carter, I don't think this one is too far from you if you feel the need for another project. I told him I would pass this info to the subscribers.

Lucien Frederick
96 SF welded
26mm rsb
FPS programmed & cooled

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