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Brad DeGroft - Not a Quitter

new 1/13/03

Just a little update on my situation. My sho is still sitting at the Ford dealership waiting on a response from Ford. Well after a lot of phone calls, e-mails, and written letters it is time for me to move on. I only got one response from 6 e-mails and that was to tell me I needed to contact customer service (did that about 6 times with no luck). Phone calls only got me denials. I love your "be a hemorrhoid to Ford" and plan on calling weekly. I'm in the process of talking to protech as you recommended and plan on towing the car down there in a week or so. I appreciate all your input, your phone call, your web page. Hope the lawsuit thing works out for all of us cause $4,000+ is more than I care to spend on Ford. I'm attaching two letters. One is the one I wrote to Ford and the other is there response I just got back. In the response from Ford I think the second sentence says it all. Satisfaction of it's owners is one of the most important thing to Ford. I know what number one is---- MONEY. After my history with Ford (as stated in my letter) you would think they would want to keep me as a customer. Please feel free to post this letter and my two attachments in my file, case history, and on the mailing list.

Brad DeGroft
1999 sho

December 22, 2002 

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to you as someone who has always been a very satisfied and loyal Ford customer (as evidenced by my 10+ year purchase history with Ford):
In 1991 I purchased a 1991 Ford Explorer, VIN 1FMDU32X7MUA59140
In 1994, a 1994 T-Bird, VIN 1FALP62W5RH160229
In 1998, a 1998 Ford Expedition, VIN 1FMPU18L5WLB36487
In 2000 I purchased my current vehicle a 1999 Ford Taurus Sho, VIN 1FAFP54NXXA265091.

However, recent events this past week have changed my feelings..

On December 17, 2002 when leaving work (after 11 pm), my car made a strange noise immediately upon starting it. I attempted to put it in drive and it stalled out and basically died right then and there. (Luckily I was able to get a ride home.) The next day, I called Keller Bros. Ford, 730 Broad Street, Lititz, Pa and had them tow the car in for service. At first, it appeared to be fouled plugs. However, after examining the car further they discovered the real problem was due to cam shaft failure. They informed me that, depending on the damage done to the engine, the repair could cost up to $15,000 if the worst damage had happened. I asked about warranty coverage and was told since I had 49,000 miles on the car the warranty had expired. I asked about powertrain coverage and was informed that there was none and that I should call Ford Customer Service for assistance. I called Ford Customer Service. The representative informed me that they knew nothing regarding camshaft failures, that I was a one and only case and there was nothing that could be done for me and I was on my own. This attitude resulted in my questioning my loyalty to a company that feels no such loyalty or responsibility to its customers. I have further researched this issue and have discovered that I am not a one and only case as I was told. I have found that there are at least 159 other Taurus Sho vehicles that this has happened to. I was very surprised and shocked by the information I discovered at www.v8sho.com. 

I donít believe I am asking for too much. After my long history of purchasing your vehicles (and not only recommending them to others, but helping my sons each purchase a Ford vehicle) I simply feel that I should be given some time and consideration regarding this problem, (especially if this began happening as early as 1997). 

Faced with a repair bill larger than the actual trade-in value of the vehicle and the attitude with which I was treated when calling Customer Service, I no longer feel as confident in your product as I used to or in your Customer Service. I am not asking for more than I feel is due me. I simply want the repairs be made to correct a problem that, from everything I have discovered, was known about over 2 years ago.

I look forward to a response that address all my concerns mentioned in this letter.

Thank you for your time.


Bradley E. DeGroft


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Ford Customer Service Division 
16800 Executive Plaza Drive
Ford Motor Company 
P. 0. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48121
January 9, 2003

Mr. Bradley E. Degroft
157 Maytown Rd.
Elizabethtown, PA 17022-9326

Re: Case # 1362593542

Dear Mr. Degroft,

The circumstances, which you outlined, have been given careful consideration.

Ford Motor Company considers the satisfaction of its owners to be one of its most important objectives. We commit very substantial resources and effort in a sincere attempt to resolve the concerns of our owners. Although we regret not being able to meet your expectations, our review indicates that the information provided by our company representative was appropriate. Therefore, we are unable to be of further assistance in this matter.

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.


Ed Denton
Customer Relationship Center


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