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Bob Taylor - Cam Failure #526

New 4/12/05

I live in the Los Angeles, CA area & recently purchased a 1999 Gen 3 SHO (manufacture date: 5/99) w/ 73K miles.

Knowing that I needed a cam weld, I contacted several V8SHO owners in my area to find out where they had their cams welded. Most indicated Chris Kepus in Northern California, while others said to go to the SHO Shop (SoCal) to get them pinned. However, one owner gave me the name & number of an excellent mechanic in Woodland Hills, CA.

His name is: John Stoessel (john@ancoengineers.com or 818/225-7329). John owns two SHO’s and is extremely knowledgeable regarding the inner workings of all Ford products. On my V8, John pulled the cams completely out, inspected them, had them welded while out of the car, changed the plugs, checked & rotated the coils (we ended up installing 4 new ones in the rear), adjusted valves, changed oil, power steer flush all for a very reasonable price.

John discovered that one of my cam sprockets had moved slightly and was ready to blow!

He has performed the weld/service on many Southern California cars and follows the procedures outlined by "Captain Kirk".

I’m returning soon to get the front lights package & a tranny cooler.

I recommend that he be added to the list of “folks who will weld your cams”. He is excellent!

My cams are now officially welded.

Bob Taylor

We need to check with John Stoessel and see how many SHO he has welded before we add him to "Folks who will weld your cams" - I hope to do that very soon. SoCal needs a good cam welder. - Buford

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