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Bob Breslin - Cam Failure #660

New 2/11/6

Larry, it's been a few days since we've communicated, basically due to me trying to do a proper analysis of one of our two engine problems. The root cause was the timing gear that is supposed to be affixed to the camshaft at an exact spot was spinning freely. As expected, the valves stopped functioning allowing the pistons to bang them and bend the valve stems. It also happened to be the cam that drives the water pump, which also stopped working. (As an aside, this engine has four cams; 2 intake, 2 exhaust, a set of each per head. I was wondering if all four have different part numbers?)

I had the repair/analysis completed at Henry's Service Center, Inc., in Wayne, MI. The mechanic who worked on the diagnosis, felt that there might be a slim chance that the valves hadn't been damaged, as the engine had been shut down so soon after the trouble started. I agreed to gamble by purchasing a new cam for a proper evaluation. After swapping out the defective cam, we still found zero compression on all four front cylinders, indicating the valve damage. I was told that to pull that particular head to replace valves the engine would have to be pulled from the car in order to remove the front cover. I stopped repairing at that point.......that is, $861 into verifying what everyone thought it was in the first place. I'm not a lucky gambler!

Anyway, attached you will find (3) pics of the original cam, sticking out of the box that the 'new' replacement cam was in. It's easily seen where the cam appears in the proper location, then with a little wiggling where it moves along the cam shaft. Other than that, the cam looks really good.........just doesn't work any more.

I've copied Curtis Warner in Chicago, of the law firm Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin, LLCs, as I have been in touch with him and his firm will be sending forms for my son and grandson (remember, we have two of these beauties) to complete with the necessary info needed to be included in any future suit against Ford. I want to do everything I can to help their cause...maybe this will help?

Again, thanks for being there when we needed you, ...Bob Breslin, Northville, MI

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