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Blake Glover - Cam Failure

new 9/07/02

My 96 Rose Mist SHO with 86,000 miles on it started ticking about 2 months ago, I drive it as little as I can, because I know its going to go out on me, it just a matter of time. I have contacted my local dealership and got one reply, and in that reply they wanted me to contact a dealer closer to me to see what they would do for me, thatís kind of lame. Well Iím just emailing to get on the list, hopefully we can get ford to solve this problem for us, I don't make that much money to have a car sit that I still make payments on. Hope to here from you soon. Iím also looking for a place close to St. Louis Missouri that can put the pin in my cam for a 'reasonable' price.

Blake Glover

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