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Bernice Pratt - Cam Failure # 237, 238

new 3/28/03

1. failed 9-14-2000 First Failure

2. 1996 SHO

3. VIN 1FALP54N6TA265764

4. typical failure noises as noted on the internet

5. cost of repair $6,621.85 (took 5 months for South Point Lincoln-Mercury Austin, tx to repair) Note: this repair was under an extended warranty.

2nd Failure

1. failed 11-17-2002

2.same car as above

3.same typical noises, but came on much faster while on trip to Dallas, TX; once again seized up while on interstate highway nearly causing a major wreck.

4. this time no warranty; Ford notified by certified mail and responded that they can do nothing since no longer under warranty

5. we are now paying monthly car and insurance payments on a car we cannot afford to repair ,but still have 13 payments left to make.

Owner: Bernice Pratt

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