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Benjamin James - Cam Failure # 861

Date 9/25/07

As I suspected my car did suffer a cam failure this summer, I finally had a chance to pull the valve covers off this past weekend and get a look at the cams. The one that went was the Intake one on the back side. You could see the metal shavings on shaft as well as a 1/8 inch spot where the drive gear had moved back and forth on the shaft. For record purposes the VIN number is 1FALP54N9VA136985. I am in the process of swapping out the engine and tranny for the engine and tranny out of the wrecked car I bought earlier this summer from heath. Also accomplished this weekend, completely removed the interior of the car with the bad engine in preparation of putting in the tan leather. so next weekend I have off out comes the bad engine. I estimate a 3-4 weekend project to pull out both motors and put the good motor in the good car. while I'm at it I figure ill replace sub frame bushings and engine mounts.

Benjamin James


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