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Autozone has V8SHO Heads, Maybe?

new 6/06/03 - thanks to Jim Merriman & Bob Fijal, update 6/9/03

News from our old friend Bob Fijal, who reports that Autozone has V8SHO heads for sale.

The heads cost $988.99 each with a $125 core charge. They are complete heads with cams and such. Here are the part numbers:

2-6768....right side

2-6767....left side

Are they welded or pined? -  I don't know? 

Are they actually available or just listed?  - I don't know? 

How long does it take to get them?  - I don't know? 

Warranty ?  - I don't know? 


Typically a cam failure involves several bent valves, a head rebuild, and a bad cam.  This might work out for some folks cheaper than a replacement engine.

If you have a damaged piston this would not be a total solution. 

If anyone tries this and can fill in details,  please let me know.



Tim, I called my local Autozone and they confirmed they do have the heads as Bob has informed. They told me that there is a 1 year warranty on the heads. 

Gregory Brown


Sorry, I checked this out a few months back. This is the head only, no cams, no valves. 

JR Nibert
96TR 49K parked 

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