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Arron McMeans - Cam Failure

new 10/15/01

I have a 96 SHO that I bought 2 years ago. It had 57,000 miles when I bought it. After a couple months my wife made the comment "it sounds like a powerstroke" I assured her it was just because it had 32 valves. Well as time went on it got bad enough for me to take to a shop to get looked at. I left it overnight and the next day they called me saying they found the problem but not until after the camshaft broke. It had 84,464 miles on it they gave me estimate of $2,000 to fix it. I told him he was crazy and started looking for used heads. I found one swapped the left exhaust cam did a compression test and found no compression on the #2cylinder. I am currently looking for a gasket set that doesn't cost $600 so I can pull the head and swap the intake valves that got bent.

So to answer your questions the car had 84,464 miles when the left "front" exhaust cam broke.

The VIN number is 1FALP54N5TA257297

I hope you guys are able to come up with something let me know if you need anything else.

Aaron McMeans

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