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Andy Andersen - Cam Failure #325    

new 12/07/2003, 12/08/03

I am a cam failure victim, here is the info that you requested.
3. parking lot
4.74,168 miles
5. 3 MPH
6. constant speed
7.used 9-7-99 
8.with 46,985 miles
9. Andy Andersen 
10. ticking in engine after startup for 30 seconds prior to failure
11.? can't remember
12. No, told me it was out of warranty, nothing they could do.
13. Beaudry Ford
14. Cam failure, "needs engine"
15. same
16. $3000.00 for used engine
17. I still own a Ford, so a service agreement equal to my costs for any future maintenance or repair work.

Thank You
Andy Andersen 

> I see on the website that the latest cam failure lives in Atlanta!  This guy could just drive down the street to have his cams welded but doesn't do it, now his engine is ruined. 
> This is very unfortunate

Actually, he bought a used motor and had FPS weld up the cams and do some other work. He is reporting the initial failure of a couple of years ago.
Larry E

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