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Andrew Sanderson -  Second Failure #195

new Nov 19th 2001
updated 5/15/02

I have a 96 SHO, and yes there was ticking, then it happened! Camshaft is broke. I am about to find out the damages, but wanted to see if you have any info on how to contact ford for possible assistance. My car has 87K on it, and I have service records. I just spent $800 on new Firestone tires!!!!

I look forward to any info you can provide me with,

Andrew Sanderson

----- Original Message ----- From: Andrew Sanderson To: twright@one-eleven.net Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2002 10:42 AM Subject: V8SHO.com Website
I contacted you several months ago about my failed camshaft. Well, I have been through the wringer and here is where I ended up. I am $5100 poorer, and after about 20 emails (they advised they will not respond to any more new ones), a dozen phone calls (they started to get nasty, even though I never got ugly), several conversations with the area rep, and local dealership, and two letters to Bill Ford (they called to say the same old thing---no assistance), I gave up. I installed a new engine, and it seems to be working fine. My car is a 1996 with 88,000 miles on it. Please keep me updated if we ever get anything from Ford, but I doubt it.
Thanks for spearheading this effort!


Thanks for getting back to me, Have you tried a lawyer yet? I am doing what I can to document so you know you are not alone.



Greetings. Well, my saga continues with my 96 SHO with 88,000 miles. A month ago I replaced my engine due to camshaft for a grand total of around $5,000. Now the check engine light comes on, and the dealership advises it is a catalytic converter failure. Cost to repair is $2111.21. I called local parts stores, and everybody said the same thing...nothing listed for a car that new! They said 1996 is new for a catalytic converter problem. Do you know of any similar failures or remedies? This is going to be $7,000 for a car barely worth that!

Thanks for your help,


update 12/13/02

I want to update you on my failed camshaft. I have a 1996 SHO that failed with 88,000 miles on it. I purchased a remanufactured engine through Advance Auto Parts through ReCon Engines. Since installation, I had to have my catalytic converter replaced and over $2100 in repairs. Last week, the engine had another camshaft failure. This happened 7 months after installation and less than 5000 miles. Advance Auto is sending another engine, which I will have installed and then sell the car. 

Please let me know if I can help in any way with the lawsuit. You already have my information however I can give it to you again if you need it.


update 1/23/03

I had the second engine installed this week and I must say that the ease with which Advance Auto gave me the replacement engine for free was interesting. They did not ask for one bit of evidence. Perhaps finding out how many of their engines have failed will help us on our quest. 

The repair bill for this round was over $2,000 bringing my total camshaft repair bill to just under $9,000 considering the first failure costs as well.

Ford will not talk to me anymore; saying that they will call me if they have any new info in the future and that I should not call them anymore and my emails will not be answered…


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