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Andre' Moret - Cam Failure # 314

new 10/23/03


Due to a new job, I havenít had the time I used to to spend on the website. I had signed up some time ago for the class action law suit. Back then, I didnít have the cam failure but still signed up.

My car got dropped off at the dealership three weeks ago and still sits there. After getting the run around the first day, I located a sales man and traded the SHO in on a í04 F-150. However, because the car was sitting at the service department, they gave me $2,000 less than what kbb had as trade in on the í99 with 60,000 miles. This is even though the bumper to bumper top of the line ESP was still good on the car. I am really relieved to get out from under that car, but I am still ticked off because I feel I lost $2,000 on it. I wonder if anything has become of the law suit. I still would like to be involved in it.

FYI- I have received numerous calls from the dealer asking for my assistance. They claim Ford refuses to pay for the repair. They have asked me to contact Ford and file a complaint which I have. Fordís reasoning is that they say the damage is due to vehicle neglect. I no longer have the oil change receipts as I washed my hands of the car the day after I bought the truck. Because I canít produce the receipts, Ford will not pay the dealer. The dealer still fights with Ford telling them it is obvious to them that the car is very well cared for.

Anyhow, sorry to go on and on when all I really wanted to ask was if the law suit was still going on. Thanks for you help.

Andreí Moret
Former owner of a í99 SHO
Tallahassee, Florida

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