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André Coulombe - Cam Failure #568

New 7/6/05

Hi !

Another one ! My rear cam failed on the 3rd of July 2005. Coming back from Quebec city, I started hearing a clicking noise at low rpm. Almost back in Montreal, no more power from the 98 SHO. Got it towed to the nearest dealership who came out, $500 later, with an estimation from $7000 to $30000 Canadian. I called Ford Service and they can't do anything. The car is in the club at only 72,000 miles. I spoke with Eric in Canada who is in the same situation. What a pity ?!

André Coulombe

update 7/8/05

André Coulombe
VIN: 1FAFP54NXWA225527

1. see above
2. July 3rd 2005
3. Highway 20 towards Montréal
4. 120 000 km (74 500 miles)
5. 119 km/hour (73 miles/hour)
6. On cruise control
7. July 23rd 2000, used (demo used by dealerships owner's wife)
8. 27 000 km (16750 miles)
9. see above
10. 12:00:Going to Québec city (170 miles from home) 2:00 PM: clicking noise at low RPM, checked oil, was ok (full synthetic oil - changed on June 18th 2005), taught it was valve adjustment. 9:45 PM: Back from Quebec city with the same noise at low RPM. 11:30 PM: Engine became powerless, check engine started flashing, I got out at the very next exit and parked the car safely without power brake nor power steering. I restarted the engine after pulling of the battery cable and putting it back in place (I thought it was an electronic failure). The engine seemed not taking it's gas properly.
11. 1-800-565-3673 (Stéphane, but not sure; French speaking guy on July 6th at around 2:00 PM)
12. Not at all, I believe it's not normal to loose a car I babied at 74 000 miles due to a flaw in design. I don't think it's normal also to ask for $6 500 and up to fix a problem that can occur again next week on the 3 other cams. I don't think it's normal not to have a recall on such a problem. I felt that Ford couldn't care less to loose a faithful customer and family.
Fortier Auto (Montréal) Ltée
7000, boul. Louis-H. Lafontaine
Anjou (Québec) H1M 2X3
Tél.: (514) 353-9821
Téléc.: (514) 353-4556
14. Spline failure on master rear cam
15. same as 14
16, I have a +-$600 invoice to pay for estimation
17. Replace all 4 cams at their expense with properly designed ones. I can contribute but not much (liquids, estimation, towing, car rental ...)

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