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Allen Seifert - Cam Failures # 587 & #588

New 8/23/05

Unfortunately out of commission due to 2 separate cam failures.  Not worth fixing the second time.  Wondering about info on the class action suit against Ford.

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Subject: Allen Seifert, Waterville, Oh, 96 Toredor Red

Allen Seifert, Waterville, Oh, 96 Toredor Red

Details Pending - Buford


Details by phone - Car now has 97k, Dealer wanted $3,800 to repair first failure but took $2,500. Dealership said this was the first failure like this they ever saw. First failure was front bank, 2nd failure is rear bank.  Since Allen is in NW Ohio I referred him to Eric.

1996 Taurus SHO owner with 2 separate cam shaft failure. One last October (2004), and one this June (2005). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

PS I fixed the first and have not fixed the second. Not worth the money. The car has less than 100K miles.

Allen Seifert

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