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Al Nakis - Cam Failure #381

new 4/07/2004

I don't know if this is where I register, but my name is Al Nakis in Westchester, Ill. I own a 96 Silver Frost w/30,000 miles and a brand new Ford crate long block w/4,000 miles on it.
Thankfully, I convinced my late father to purchase the extended warranty. With 10 months left on the warranty, I was driving approx. 75-80 mph when a piston came through the oil pan. I failed to mention that a year earlier I had brought the car to the selling dealer for a slight knocking sound, like the faint sound of a diesel motor). They had the car for 30 days and replaced one of the cams because of a slightly loose cam gear. This was at 23,000 miles. at the time, I had no knowledge of the inherent cam defect. Well, about a year later "The Wrath of Cam" was unleashed. Luckily it only cost us $200 total; just the deductible twice. The motor they installed was a 99. They told me that the was rare and had to be located somewhere on the west coast and the cost was $13,000, plus labor.
Thanks for listening and contact me for more info, or whatever.
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