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Airport Motors - Cam Failure #607

New 9/21/05

Very nice 1999, something-green, (?) SHO sighted at Airport Motors, Charlottesville, VA.

All stock, doesn't have the shiny chrome wheels, body is near-perfect, interior is near-perfect, high miles (99k). They are asking $6500.

Started it up, (noted a very sticky accelerator) and immediately saw that it felt VERY different than my engine. I just could not feel the torque trying to twist it on the mounts the way I can when I rev mine. At first I even thought it just couldn't be the V8 under there from the feel, I'm so used to my engine with the louder exhaust and the intake noise. Popped the hood, nice clean, bone-stock V8 SHO engine. Listened; very distinct sewing machine/tapping/"tock-tock-tock" sound coming from the engine, NOT just injectors; from all descriptions I have read and all audio files I have heard, this is an engine with failing or failed cams.

I told the salesman about the cam problem and V8SHO. com, that I thought this car might have the problem, he acted bored when he realized I wasn't a potential buyer but I noticed that he grabbed his inventory sheet pretty quick and appeared to be checking out what he paid for the car as I was leaving!!!

So how many unsuspecting people around the country are buying cars like this off lots and then having the cams fail on them? To me that is a real crime.

W. Gordon Finley
97 ES
Charlottesville, VA

Get a VIN?


VIN number as read to me by the salesman:


And he said he wants $6900 firm by the way.

If interested, Airport Motors, 434-978-1550, talk to Buck.

W. Gordon Finley

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