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Adrian Marcano - Cam Failure #369

new 3/10/04

My name is Adrian and I currently own a 97 SHO. Little did I know that everyone seemed to have the same problem with their vehicles until I looked on the internet. About six months ago I was riding around in my vehicle and when I stopped at a red light the car shut off. At 96k miles, I thought what the hell!! I had it towed to my mechanic the next day and he ran some tests on it. The engine had warped valves because a cam sprocket broke loose. The repair bill was a little over $2700.00 dollars. Needless to say, I was very upset and stressed out because I didn't know how I was going to pay for it!!!!!!! I had to take out a loan to pay for the damn thing!!! Thanks for having this web site because, I know everyone with the SHO cam failure feels the same way that I do. Something needs to be done by Ford. We can't afford to just sit and wait! I called Ford and had it reported , but I haven't had any feedback. 

Sincerely, Mr. Adrian Marcano


updated 3/23/2004

Year: 97 SHO VIN:1FALP54NXVA252289
Date of failure: 8-13-03
Cam that failed: intake
My mechanic replaced cam, spark plugs, head gasket
set, intake valves, cylinder gaskets, thermostat,
antifreeze. The repair was done at (BEAIRD'S
I have not had a recurrence.
Larry if you need anything else feel free to E-mail me
at kellyds_99@yahoo.com or call me.
I would like more info on class action suit. Thanks again!!

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