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Adam Phillips  - Cam Failure #331

new 1/11/2004

My name is AdamPhillips. I have been searching for a 96-99 sho for a couple years now, and I just got one........that is already had cam failure when i picked it up with the trailer 3 days ago. I'm not sure who I'm supposed to email to get on the list. Its a 1997 SHO with only 56,000 miles on the clock, rear cam failed. 

VIN# 1FALP54N2VA109465. 

I plan on fixing it as soon as the weather warms up to at least 30 plus outside. I don't know how bad the damage is until I pull the head off the motor. 

I'd be glad to give any more information if any is needed. thank you 

Adam Phillips 
97 Silver SHO 
Trenton NJ 


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