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Adam Angelo - Cam Failure #375

new 3/23/2004

I am writing this email to share my experience with my 1997 Toreador Red SHO. I would also like to be included in the lawsuit. The following is the information that the web site stated the lawyers need to include me.
1. Vin is 1FALP54N7VA203079.
2. I began to hear a ticking noise on 1/21/04. I convinced myself that I was over reacting and that it could not be the cams. On 1/25/04 the noise was so loud it could be heard almost a block away.
3. The noise began while being driven on city streets. I continued to drive on city streets until I stopped driving the car on 1/25/04.
4. The odometer reading when the noise began was 106,100. The reading when I stopped driving the car was 106,176.
5. The speed was 0-50.
6. n/a
7. Date of purchase was 9/03.
8. Odometer reading at time of purchase was 102,500.
9. Adam Angelo . St. Louis, MO 63126 .
10. There was no warning before the ticking started. I started the car in the morning and thought I heard something in the engine.
11. Did not call customer service.
12. n/a
13. Vehicle was taken on 2/4/04 to Dave Sinclair Ford 7466 S. Lindbergh Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63125 314-892-2600
14. The dealer statement says that the engine is worn out and that it needs a new short block and 2 new heads.
15. With the help of this site I disassembled the engine and discovered that the second cam from the firewall was slipping.
16. The cost of the diagnosis was $56.34. The short block was quoted at $16,000 and with the heads at $17,000.
17. I was without the car from 1/25/04 to 2/27/04. I feel like at the very least I should be compensated for my time without the car and the cost to have the cams welded. Both of my vehicles are Fords and I will probably continue to buy their products, but I am very disappointed that we as the customer have to resort to a lawsuit to have Ford acknowledge a poor design and a problem that should have been corrected before the engine was ever assembled.
I would also like to be added to the registry of owners.
Thank you,
Adam Angelo



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