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Aaron Waldron - Cam Failure #194

new 1/22/03

I Aaron Waldron have read of your action against Ford Motor CO., in the Detroit newspaper. Along with other SHO owners I also have had numerous problems with my vehicle. I do not know if I have cam problems but it sounds as if they probably are soon to come. My vehicle has 74,000 miles and I am the original owner. My SHO is currently being looked at for performance problems and irregular breathing from under the hood (engine). ME and my family have been enthusiastic SHO owners since 1988. We have owned all three models. This model was the most expensive and the most disappointing, probably because it was the best through 60,000 miles & that's when my warranty ran out (60,000). Please contact me to let me know the status of the movement. I also have informed other SHO owners of the web site. 

Thanks once again, I hope to hear from you at the addresses I will leave you. 

Vin# 1FAFP54N7WA224755

P.S. United we stand, Divided we fall. 

Aaron Waldron

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