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2 More - Cam Failures


Hi my name is Richard Wiedenroth I live in Bradenton, Florida and own a 1998 SHO my E-mail is RLRDZW@aol.com, I am also a tech and have repaired 2 SHO's with cam problems and have sent other tech's to this web site for information that were out of state owners or service providers I am lucky mine is still under ESP so far so good I have replaced the short block however. Had a hell of a rattle on start up and with oil pan removed had lots of metal, looked as if it was from machine work fine cork screws of steel. Rod bearings were damaged and the first 2 motors sent from Ford (yes I work for a Ford dealer) I refused to use they were dismantled assemblies that had been put away and intended to be used as new parts, with rust and the deck surface attacked with an abrasive disc! Parts manager told me he found out Ford ordered 150 new short blocks from Yamaha and I waited 3-4 months to get one they had to retool to produce them. But it runs well now just worried about the cam's my wife also drives the car with my son. Love the web site you guy's do a great job.....

Rick Wiedenroth

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