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Triple Cam Failure #940, #941 & #942

Date 6/28/08

This is getting sickening.

Today's tow in "knocker". That would be the last 3 cars in a row. Front exhaust cam very loose. BRAND NEW, freshly installed front intake cam sitting right next to it. How could the other cam have NOT been noticed by the installer?

Wait for it...

Rear head intake cam is half as bad as the front exhaust cam, but you couldn't hear it over the rattle coming from the front head.

That makes a triple failure car.

Very sadly this is getting to be very believable. Owner is on his way over right now to see for himself after he buys a Lotto ticket.

Information to follow as soon as owner allows permission. Now, back to your regularly scheduled Saturday.

Eric Lehmann

Details Pending - Buford


Jacob Adam
1996 SHO
VIN 1FALP54N4TA239583
138,094 miles

Discovered while disassembling engine for camweld. Loud ticking noted when car was last running.

one cam - front head intake cam - was brand new in the front head and had obviously just been installed.

Front exhaust cam was ready to explode.

Rear intake cam was chattering too, but the front exhaust was making so much noise you couldn't hear it.

I recalled the owner and his companion while they were still close to my place. They were both shocked to see the level of chaos going on in this engine. Then I welded the heck out of it. I think the passenger's front suspension might need an upgrade to level the ride from all the extra steel added to the car.

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