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Robert Moore - Cam Failure #932

Date 6/18/08

Robert Moore
1997 SHO with 137,000 miles.
VIN 1FALP54N6VA268893
Parked for weeks due to suspicion of walking cam sprocket. (Boy was THAT an understatement)
Date verified 6-13-08

Front head exhaust cam sprocket extremely wobbly. Demonstrated this movement to the owner. Very difficult to realign. 5 BACKSIDE welds required just to square things up.

On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 10:50 PM, Robert Moore <shokid_24@yahoo.com> wrote:

 Well the master Eric Lehmann  has saved my SHO!!! i hope he will be posting  some pics of the cams, he said that I was 3 turns past cam failure, I will  let him tell the story. I had the privilege to meet and talk with Eric and I  have enjoyed the trip immensely. I am going to tell anybody who has the gen 3 about this guy. It was very great to get behind the wheel of such a great machine. Thanks Eric, for everything, and for the ride is SHO RTS. All I  have to say is i will be the first in line to buy her, and I am still trying to wipe the grin off my face :)

Robert Moore
1997 TR almost cam failed
Eric Lahmann saved my SHO!!!!
137k on the clock
K&N filter
Flowmaster's soon!!!

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