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Randy Bird - Cam Failure #916 & #917

Date 4/3/08

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From: Elias Burd <eliasburd@yahoo.com>
To: Larry@v8sho.com
Sent: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 4:15 pm
Subject: My 1996 SHO info for M. Wright

1996 Ford Taurus SHO Ebony Satin VIN # T7143240042 Purchased new 04/26/97 with 4379 miles. Don't know why so many miles title shows purchased new. I have not run a vin check on the car. I have not transferred the title yet. I'm going to apply for storage plates so I will not incur penalties for storage. I have made application towards Ebay buyers protection insurance and have failed to negotiate terms to weld cams. This car was a cam failure that had the heads rebuilt by Finch Motors in Jacksonville , Illinois. The owner Tom Finch was unaware of the need to weld cams and just installed a set of new ford cams for a rebuild.. The car is currently acting as to be experiencing another cam failure and currently and has taken a permanent spot in my garage soon after purchasing it on ebay from Tom Finch Motors. I purchased the car 3/04/08. with cash of 2550.00. With 146K mi. The car will sit until I have the funds and have it shipped to a welder on your list.

Randy Bird

update 4/6/08

I purchased a car 3 weeks ago from Ebay Motors. The car is currently not running and is parked in my garage. After contacting Ebay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP), a decision was made by Ebay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection for me to schedule an appointment with a local Ford garage to have them diagnose the issues with my engine and provide an estimate for repairs. The car was experiencing cam failure, therefore it would need to be towed at my expense or risk driving it to the Ford garage .

The Ford garage stated the estimate alone would run $1000. Ebay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection would then determine whether or not I would be eligible for coverage under their program. If not, I would be holding the bag on over $1000 dollars in tow fees and estimate charges and risk loosing my engine as well and that‘s a chance I wasn‘t willing to take.

I contacted the Ford Garage to discuss the faulty cam issue. Their response was, “We are not aware of an pre - existing engine design flaw.” Ford has not accepted this yet.

Tim Wright, Owner of the V8 SHO Web site, contacted Ebay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection to assist me with my claim on possible cam failure. Mr. Wright informed the Ebay insurance agent of the possibilities of cam failure and that Ford still had not fully accepted a cam failure as fault of theirs.

I was informed by the Ebay Auction Insurance agent that if it was determined to be a pre-existing manufacturer’s defect, it would not be eligible for coverage. He then went on to say that if Ebay Motors Vehicle Purchase protection did indeed cover the cam failure and paid for the repairs, if it was later determined that it was a Ford engine design flaw, I would be required to pay back all that VPP covered. So, with a Ford representative telling me they were not aware of a faulty engine design and Ebay's Auction Insurance possibly accepting this as a pre-existing condition, how do I win?

Ford’s faulty engine head design has left my Generation 3 SHO to be repaired at my expense! I feel that Ebay Motors VPP, buyers and sellers of the Gen 3 SHO should all be made fully aware of the cam issues.

Randy Bird

update 4/9/08

I think it sure would be helpful for all ebayer's and sho buyers to be completely aware. That any beautiful generation 3 sho listed on E Bay un welded could spell disaster!!! And sellers beware. Check to see if the cams have been welded if they don't know! And if they aren't, weld them before selling the car!!

Randy Bird

update 9/2/08

My car is now welded. The seller that claimed cam failure did indeed change only one cam not four as was told to me. The cam that required welding was original to the car. At 147k it has been welded along with the other three. Intakes were very dirty. Egr intake required drilling out the carbon in the intake as it was plugged. The engine was in need of extensive maintenance. Transmission fluid was changed with new filter. Cooling system was drained and refilled. New NGK plugs. After extensive cleaning and technical support from Eric Lehmann of Lombard IL. I have successfully revived, reassembled my car. It now runs great!

Thank You

Randy Bird - Cam Failure #916 & #917


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