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Possible Suspected Cam Failure #895

Date 3/13/08

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1998 Ford Taurus SHO|Research 1998 Ford
Ford : Taurus
Item number: 220210507904
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End time: Mar-15-08 20:19:04 PDT (2 days 12 hours)
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Sells to: United States
Item location: Reynoldsburg, OH, United States
History: 13 bids
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1998 Ford Taurus SHO  Print Version
Title: Clean, low miles 1998 Ford Taurus SHO        
Mileage: 106,000 miles        
Location: Reynoldsburg, OH        
 Vehicle Information
VIN: 1fafp54n5wa250397 | Get the Vehicle History Report        
Inspection: Order an independent inspection        
Warranty: No        
Vehicle title: Clear        
Condition: Used        
For sale by: Private seller  
Body type: Sedan Engine: V-8 Exterior color: Silver
Transmission: Automatic Fuel type: Gasoline Interior color: Gray
 Standard Equipment
Leather Power Door Locks Cruise Control
Power Steering AM/FM Radio Power Windows
Power Seat Driver Dual Air Bags V-8
 Optional Equipment


Description (revised)
Vehicle Description

Vehicle is in great shape but needs some valve work done.  We love this car but our family outgrew it.  An estimate done for the work at the dealer for complete repair was $1k in 2007.  We decided not to fix it since we were in the market for a new vehicle anyway.  It's very clean inside, body is in great shape.  Cassette player does not work but it does have a CD changer.  LCD screen does not work, but radio works fine.  Had extensive repairs and maintenance done in late 2006, a full list is available upon request.  The picture show here is just so you can get an idea of what it looks like but is not the actual vehicle.  I can send pics upon request.  Happy Bidding! 



On Mar-10-08 at 15:48:27 PDT, seller added the following information:

Vehicle is in great shape but needs some valve work and coil plug work done.  We love this car but our family outgrew it.  An estimate done for the work at the dealer for complete repair was $800k in 2007.  The Ricart Ford Dealer in Columbus OH stated that the problems were minor and we could still drive the car but would lose a few MPGs and some horsepower, which is what we experienced.  We decided not to fix it since we were in the market for a new vehicle anyway.  It's very clean inside, body is in great shape.  Cassette player does not work but it does have a CD changer.  LCD screen does not work, but radio works fine.  Repairs done in late 2006 include: radiator flush, brakes, new tires, new serpentine belt, new alternator.  Transmission was also replaced at 36k miles.  There are no timing or compression problems and it turns over and runs without incident.  The picture shown here is just so you can get an idea of what it looks like but is not the actual vehicle. Due to the snow storm over the weekend I haven't been able to get the car in a position to take pics, but will put some up later this week.  Happy Bidding! 




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    So I ask the big question to the V8SHO.com community:

    a) post as Cam Failure

    b) post as Suspected Cam Failure

    c) do not post.

    Let us know what you think.

    Please Vote!


    Fine Print:

    Unless you live in MI or FL and then your vote does not count;

    or if you live in Chicago please vote twice unless you are dead then please vote 3 times;

    and if your are a super delegate feel free to sell your vote for favors;

    Anyone may contact the seller with their "Message of Hope" except I suspect the seller already knows he is SOL.

    Anyone caught spending more than $4300.00 on one date with one hooker will be assessed at least a nickel for our bandwidth fund.

    If we opt to refund your nickel for any reason, it may not be the actual nickel you gave us.


    Current body count is #894, not that the race to #900 should effect our decision in any way.


    "needs valve work" might be a big understatement.

    "estimate done for the work at the dealer for complete repair was $1k in 2007"- this is way off.  Then he adds "An estimate done for the work at the dealer for complete repair was $800k in 2007".  Does he mean $800 or $800,000?

    "Ford Dealer in Columbus OH stated that the problems were minor and we could still drive the car".  I wonder if they really tried to drive the car.

    "There are no timing or compression problems and it turns over and runs without incident".  OK, who is fooling who?  If this was true then it couldn't need "valve work" nor "coil plug work".

    Current price is $1,158.  When people bid on something like this, what are they thinking?  A car with this many miles, and needing at least $1k of work done, would exceed its market value very quickly.  I could sell them a better car, not needing anything, for this same price range.

    Oh, and big "WARNING WILL ROBINSON", the picture is not of the actual vehicle.

    Funny though, 4th mention this week of "LCD doesn't work".

    I think we should only track certain verified cam failures. "Suspected cam failures" are more like profiled cam failures -- you suspect its a cam failure because it's a SHO and its engine STB'd. You know how much trouble profiling causes the local PD...


    Many "suspected" ended up confirmed, I then go back and re-edit the page. Often someone will buy the car because it is clean and suspect it is a cam failure and it ends up they were right. It happens all the time.

    Cars don't have the same rights as people, RE profiling.

    If the owner said it was welded by Eric or Doug and 3 cly needed a new COP I might go along, but if it "needs valve work" to me one must at least suspect cam failure until it is ruled out.

    It is beyond our scope and finances to clinically verify each cam failure. For our purposes it is sufficient to document about 900 failures all with the same symptoms and 95% of which are confirmed cam failures.

    SHOs sell all the time with no mention of engine problems or problems inconsistent with cam failure and we ignore those advertisements. The may have a cam failure but we don't assume that they do.

    Out point is not that all 900 cars were exhaustively and conclusively autopsied by an expert. Only that ample evidence exists for a responsible car company to take an interest and act responsibility; something Ford has yet to undertake.

    Can we get back to the voting?


    We have suspected cam failures listed all the time. It takes less time to convert a suspect to a known or delete it than to add it a year down the road when someone buys it and finds the list.

    I figure that Tim asked tongue-in-cheek, based on the voting caveats.

    -John Breen III

    If we are to believe everything stated in the listing, then the logical assumption is that it is clicking but hasn't failed yet.

    Personally I'm not inclined to believe everything in the listing and think there is a good possibility it really has failed.

    The third possibility is that a coil is bad.

    In that case, my vote is for B. No one's confirmed it, and there's no reason to ignore it, so it is what it is: a suspected cam failure, by definition.

    Regards, Jon Heese

    Who knows what the dealer quoted him to fix, he put 2 different amounts in the listing, "There are no timing or compression problems and it turns over and runs without incident" if it runs and drives ok, then why was it even in the shop ???? Could be a few different things wrong, nothing screaming cam failure other than the part saying it needs valve work.....but it wouldn't need valve work if it doesn't have timing or compression issues.

    For all we know this jackass could have a duratec in a Sable.

    As of now there is nothing to post.

    Rick Glass

    I was born in Chicago, so I cast 2 votes for B.

    I live in Iowa, so I'm going to Caucus for C to give the voters in other states, and the media, something to think about.

    But, since I ultimately live in a rural state with a split D/R representation, I'll learn to live with whatever you decide to do.


    -John Breen III

    When I read "There are no timing or compression problems" I think maybe we pass on listing it. - Brad

    Agreed. I'm going for C. To be a shoo-in for "suspected cam failure" ebay postings must include the phrase "runs like arse" or "runs like arse and overheats." Wouldn't believe that they checked the timing/compression on the rear bank though. - Alan Ridge

    I think you are forgetting that if the cam sprocket is ticking, the failure has already occurred. The sprocket is supposed to be permanently affixed to the cam tube. Once it starts to move, you have a failure, whether or not it has gotten loose enough to destroy other parts of the engine. - Dan Carman

    It's NOT very far from Sunbury, Ohio......hint, hint...

    It COULD be 3 bad coils, a dirty MAF, a spit out bucket shim, a clogged EGR AND a bad IAC motor - All at once - But I'm betting on the usual suspect.

    If I were bidding on this car, I would have no other choice than to assume it is a rear bank failure - they run MUCH better than front bank failures.

    I vote "B".


    That thought crossed my mind.. even closer to work actually...


    Details pending - Buford.

    I drove the car today..

    It is not a cam failure <gasp>.

    Here is why the listing is so confusing, and the owners were just as confused as the listing sounds. The had it at a dealer and all and were told about a valve an other problems (likely the IMRC I am guessing). The tranny was replaced by a shop at 70K (car has about 105 now).

    Car has 4 DTCS

    301 - Misfire cylinder 1
    304 - Misfire cylinder 4
    1518 - IMRC stuck open
    1477 - Torque converter lockup

    During the brief test drive the basics were obvious - the brakes need work as the rotors are trashed most likely as the car has not been driven much. He stated he started it up and let it warm up once a week or so but didn't drive it. The park brake cable is dropping and will drag on the ground unless you push the park pedal in a bit to take up the slack; I didn't investigate what was going on there. The car was somewhat recently at a Ford dealer for service and it sounds like they were not taken care of at all.

    I don't know what the reserve on this car is but the paint is in pretty good shape, the tires are very new ContiTouring tires. During my test drive the TC does lockup but lockup is slow and "slushy" Transmission shifted good otherwise.

    I don't know if the misfires are two separate coils or possibly the rear harness, but the car is also believed to have factory plugs so who knows how everything would combine in that respect. Car is unwelded and I believe has been in the family since new.


    TC code car has is a 1744 <DOH> Dyslexia or something of the sort...



    Excellent detective work, and a good report. sounds like a car that a half-way mechanic could take and make dependable for not too much. Another case of an owner that doesn't know much getting bad advice/help from a dealer, or they just didn't understand it much, in which case, it would be good of the dealer to try to explain it better (maybe they did).


    YES ! ! !

    The System WORKS ! ! !

    Thank you Scott. We will now alter the camfailure list to report what we know is no longer suspected.

    Now, buy the damn car, ;-)

    I don't think buying the car is cost effective...

    Divorce Attorney's outweigh the cost of the car and insurance... I won't buy another V8 for me to drive unless I intend to MTX it as well. I don't have time for that now... The ATX cars are such a yawn...


    Thanks Scott for helping us all out. - Buford

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