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John Bergman - Cam Failure #914 & #915

Date 3/31/08

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From: jb1968mcq@netzero.com <jb1968mcq@netzero.com>
To: larry@V8SHO.com
Sent: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 8:45 pm
Subject: V8 SHO.com Website

Larry, after reading your website for awhile, I believe my 98 SHO qualifies for your list. A couple years ago I bought my car off EBay, with 80K miles. I put some Flowmasters on it and started driving the heck out of it. While searching for info on the SHO, I found your website, learned of the cam fiasco and parked the car for 6 months, while I decided what to do. Taking the valve covers off, I found the front intake cam was bright and shiny, looked new, obviously replaced. The other 3 were a darker brown, obviously original. In the meantime, I purchased 4 cams off EBay from a 98 SHO with 84K miles, thinking of using them to replace mine. One of them had a loose sprocket on it. I found a certified welder and welded mine and have been driving the heck out of it ever since. Now has 87K miles. VIN 1FAFP54N2WA165310 If you need any more info, pls let me know. One of the lucky ones.
John Bergman


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