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Jim Hansen Cam failure #930

Date 6/14/08

I'm a new guy, had the SHO for 8 years now purchased used from a friend. The SHO now has 83K miles on it. Engine started making a loud ticking noise. Took it to my trusted mechanic who thought there was something wrong with the timing chain or chain assembly and water pump, quoted apx $3,800 to repair. Then couldn't find the timing chain parts anywhere so gave it back to me and told me to trade it in. So then I was looking at getting a couple thousand on trade in for this nice car with nothing else wrong and paying $28,000 for a new car. Before doing that, I found the V8sho site and found the video of the engine with the problem. It sounded just like my engine! Looked up the name of a person local who would do the welding and had the car towed to his house. Now the noise is gone and the engine runs quietly. And the cost was $500.

I took video with sound before and after and also have photos from the person (Brad Redmond) who did the welding. Brad welded the sprockets, placed heat shield cloth under some of the cabling that sits on top of the engine, swapped the front and rear coils, new oil and filter and spark plugs. Great guy and did a great job on the repair. Brad Redmond is in Renton Washington just south of Seattle.

If you are interested in the videos or photos, please let me know. Not sure how to get the videos to you since I doubt they will go in e-mail. I can ftp them somewhere but you'd need an ftp site for me to deliver them to.

Jim Hansen, Seattle WA, 1997 Vibrant White

Hi Timothy,

Only the front intake cam sprocket was failing.

I wont be able to send the avi's because they are too big and can only send the photos one at a time so I'll send those subsequently. There are photos of the failed cam sprocket along with photos of the weld and the heat resistant material placed between the engine block and hoses.

I sold the SHO last night, now that it purrs like a kitten and has no problems!

So, I guess I'm a SHO owner no longer. Sigh..


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