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Jeff Weber's Cam Failure #895, #899, #900

Date 3/28/08

They drove in from the Louisville, Kentucky area to my place in Lombard, Illinois. On fairy dust and Angel's wings.

The car was knocking before they left. Weeks before they left.

I hope the pix work in the morning - I did the tiny white line thing and then moved the offending sprocket and took another pic - but my camera sucks at close-ups. I say 5 degrees. SWiMBO says more like 7 degrees of cam rotation between the lines. Never should have even made it to my house. Very loose, very noisy. Rear exhaust cam - a rare one, but I've seen all 4 cams bad, at one time or another, more than once.

As soon as they pulled up, I ran out and said "Don't shut off the car! " Immediately backed it into the garage and shut it down.

He bought this car from a friend, a friend who he watched change BOTH front head cams - they are indeed brand new - a friend who took good care of the car too. He was bringing the car up to me for the preventative service he now believed in for his SHO. Good call.

I'll get more info tomorrow about the new cams. This could very well be a triple cam failure car. I've asked permission to post this car as another camfailure. I've also Bcc'd the owner on this mail.

-- Eric Lehmann

Details Pending, our first quad failure #900!. - Buford

Here it is, all 4 were like this. This is the one I could get the clearest picture of. I put it in a attachment to be safe.

Yep, THAT'S a failing sprocket, chewing through the shaft with its splines.


You say ALL FOUR ! ? ! ? :-O

Grand Slam - Is the owner registered as a Quadruple failure yet? If not, may we have permission to register it? Even better if you have pix of all 4 bad at once. Wow. Just WOW.


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