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James Rogers - Cam Failure #994

Date 11/26/08


VIN is 1FALP54N5TA313528 , 1996 SHO, I bought it w/ spun cam on front bank of cylinders.  Last owner reported she was driving it and it just died on her (when the cam spun).  The car has 102,000 miles.  I have located an-affordable transmissions who told me $785 to R & R the engine.  I got a replacement engine from a wrecked SHO with 75,000 miles, not known if it's welded or not.  I assume not, I am going to find out and make sure it gets done before I have the new motor installed.  Do you know anybody in Denver area that does the welds here?  I would like to be part of your class action suit if that's still possible. 

Thanks for any help.  Jim

My new engine goes in next week, I'm looking for a place here in Colorado to do the welds. The engine will not be installed without the welds, as that was the cause of the last engine's death.


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James Rogers, Littleton, CO, 1996, Green

Details pending - Buford

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