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Eric's tow-in Cam Failure #935

Date 6/24/08

Tonight's rare mid week camweld is a pity case. The owner contacted me with serious engine noises. It is his only transportation and July 12th wasn't cutting it.

Side effect of NOT going south this week - I'm available for an emergency camweld. Funny how things do that sometimes.

Anyhow, Rear head, intake cam is wasted. Not as bad as last week but not a happy CAMper. I'll get VIN, etc posted tomorrow. Seems like non powered tow-in's are becoming the norm for camwelds. I kind of miss the days of 35,000 mile pristine SHO's rolling in. Now it seems like everybody is over 150k and hasn't cleaned their EGR yet.

Eric Lehmann

Details Pending - Buford

Update - 6/25/08

A.J. Boore
150,980 miles
Rear head Intake cam pictured, clearly chewed up

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