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Daniel Cramer - Cam Failure #988, #989 & #990

Date 11/4/08

My name is Daniel Cramer. I own a 1998 SHO V8 and have had it repaired twice for major engine work and now my service engine soon light is on again. I am hearing the ticking described in a problems website I found. Last Friday it revved up high while I was parking it. It lurched forward despite my foot pushing hard on the brake. I hit a parked car in front of me and pushed that vehicle 2 and 1/2 feet forward. I'm afraid to drive it and know this mechanic bill will be another expensive repair bill. Can you help with me joining the class action suit?

Car is a single cam failure not a triple, next 2 cam failures are #989 and #990 - Buford 11/11/08 - Details Pending

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