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Craigslist - KC - Suspected Cam failure #996

Date 12/1/08

SHO Ford Taurus Fully-loaded Used 1996 Black - $1800 (Kansas City, MO)

Reply to: sale-938515206@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2008-11-29, 6:05PM CST

Body Style: Sedan
Mileage: 108,000
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Gray
Interior Material: Leather
Engine: 8 Cylinder Gasoline
Transmission: 4 Speed Automatic
Drive Type: 2 wheel drive - front
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Doors: Four Door

Limited-production vehicle. About 19,730 SHOs were made from 1996 to 1999. Car runs and drives.

*The engine makes a clicking noise. Suspected camshaft sprocket problem.

From Wikipedia.com:

Cam trouble
Soon after the introduction of the SHO V8, widespread problems with the cam sprockets began to surface. Ford had used a relatively unusual method, called "swaging", of affixing the cam sprockets to the camshafts. The cam sprockets were fastened to the hollow camshafts by forcing a metal ball which was slightly larger than the interior diameter of the camshaft through the center of the camshaft, thus expanding the metal slightly and creating a mechanical bond between the cam sprocket and the camshaft. This method proved to be inadequate, and thus on some engines, the cam sprocket could break loose from the camshaft and spin independently from the camshaft (or "walk"). This would result in the camshaft stopping and thus not activating the valves, allowing the pistons to hit the valves, ruining the engine.

Potential fixes
****The preventive measure of welding the cam sprocket to the camshaft soon proved to be a fix for engines that had not suffered such a fate yet [1]. Another such fix is "pinning" the cam sprocket, or inserting a pin in the sprocket to keep it aligned on the camshaft. There were calls for Ford to provide a recall, though none ever happened, potentially because it was a limited-production vehicle.

More pictures available upon request.


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